The traditional concept of education was inculcating in the minds of the students the accumulated knowledge, culture and social values from generation to generation and develop their personality. But with the complexity of the present age due to globalization, industrialization and explosion of knowledge in the field of Information and communication technology, our present system of education needs a sea change, “ The National policy of Education (1986) suggests: “ The National strategy of education has to ensure the availability of highly educated, trained and motivated man power for dealing with the challenges, which are inherent in the modernization and globalization of the economy.” In this modern age apart from the traditional goals of education, skills of the students should be developed to face the challenges in this competitive world. We need a system of education where there are several opportunities for the development of communicative skills, inter – personal relationship skills, Problem solving skills and creativity. At this point of time, Teachers have an important role in assisting the students to develop their creative skills. As Dr.S. Radhakrishnan has rightly said, “Teacher’s place in society is of vital importance; he acts as the point of transmission of intellectual tradition and technical skill from generation to generation and helps to keep the lamp of civilization burning.” Let us guide our students in making use of modern technological developments to enhance their various skills and mould them into unique master pieces of modern civilization in order to entrust the mother country into their hands.